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What is the difference between “Requests” and “Correspondence” in MyTax Illinois?

“Requests” are user submissions from MyTax Illinois, such as a tax return, payment, or update to account information. Most requests will display a confirmation number and an option to print a confirmation of your request.

“Correspondence” is the location for communications to you from IDOR and consists of “Messages” and “Letters.”

The “Messages” tab is similar to an email inbox. IDOR uses this feature to send one-way communications to you, and “Messages” serves as your inbox for these communications. You cannot reply to these messages.

The “Letters” tab contains copies of correspondence mailed to you by IDOR. This tab is helpful if you lose or misplace a piece of correspondence. In addition, if you set up your tax preparer as a secondary or third-party user, they will have access to the correspondence without the hassle of delivery. Note: Second or third-party users will only have access to “Letters” under the accounts they are authorized to access.