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Businesses Non-login Functions

(Do not require a MyTax Illinois Account)

Electronic W-2 and 1099 Transmittal Programs

You can bulk upload W-2’s and 1099’s under the “Non-Login Return or Report” panel on the MyTax Illinois homepage. For more information, see the Electronic W-2 and 1099 Transmittal Programs webpage and PUB-110.

Verify a registered business

This feature allows a user to confirm whether a business is currently registered with IDOR using the business’s Illinois Account ID, Federal Employer Identification Number, or a license number. This feature is particularly helpful when a user needs to confirm the accuracy of an Illinois Account ID to document transactions such as sales for resale.

Tax Rate Finder

This feature allows a user to search for the rates of various taxes applicable to an Illinois local government (i.e., county or municipality). The tax rate finder has two types of searches:

  • Users can search by the name of the county or municipality to find an applicable rate. This type of search is used by Illinois retailers to verify the tax rate at an Illinois retail sales location.
  • Users can search for local tax rates associated with an address. This type of search is used by remote retailers and marketplace facilitators to verify the tax rate at a specific delivery destination address as required under the Leveling the Playing Field for Illinois Retail Act.

Do not use Search by Address if you are an Illinois retailer verifying the rate for a retail sales location in Illinois.

Verify a sales tax exemption number

This feature allows a user to confirm whether the sales tax exemption (“E”) number issued to an organization by IDOR is active. IDOR issues exemption numbers only to those organizations that have demonstrated that they are not for profit and organized and operated exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, or governmental purposes. This verification feature is useful for retailers needing to confirm whether a customer claiming an exemption from Illinois sales and use tax is eligible to make that claim and to properly document that exempt sales in the retailer’s business records.

Submit an IDOR power of attorney

You can use MyTax Illinois to submit a Power of Attorney for IDOR. From the MyTax Illinois homepage, under the “Additional Services” panel, select “Submit an IDOR Power of Attorney.”

This request should only be submitted for tax types administered by IDOR. You must submit Form IL-2848, Form IL-56, or the Multi-State Power of Attorney form, and any supporting documents for either as one attachment. See the Power of Attorney information webpage for more additional guidance.

For businesses, use the taxpayer’s Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN), if one exists. For sole proprietors who do not have a FEIN, use the taxpayer’s Social Security Number (SSN) for the online submission.

You will be notified by email when the power of attorney has been added to the taxpayer account, which typically takes one to three days.

File a zero wage report (IDES Form UI-3/40)

This feature allows a user to submit a zero wage report (IDES Form UI-3/40) to IDES. A “zero” wage report is one which the user has no liability to report but which is still required to be submitted. The non-login zero wage report allows users to satisfy this requirement easily and efficiently.

1098-F lookup

You can retrieve your Form IL-1098-F as issued by IDOR using the link “Look up my Form 1098-F” under the panel “Searches” on the MyTax Illinois homepage. This inquiry will only return Forms 1098-F issued by IDOR in the current year. Form 1098-F reports payments owed by a taxpayer as a result of a court order, settlement agreement, or other assessment that became, or will become, binding on or after January 1 of the reporting year. Note: Form 1098-F is not a notice of tax due or bill.

View Audit Discrepancies and Respond to an Audit Information Request

Certain letters from IDOR’s Audit Division require the taxpayers to view specific questions and information requests in MyTax Illinois. To review the specific questions and information requested, select “Respond to an Audit Inquiry” under the “Submit Response to IDOR Notice” panel on the MyTax Illinois homepage and enter the login code provided on the letter you received. You will be required to answer a security question before viewing the Audit questions. After reviewing the request, taxpayers can respond or submit documentation.