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What are my options to activate my account?

Once your business is registered with IDOR, IDES or ILCC, you can activate your MyTax Illinois account. Please allow 24 hours from your registration confirmation email before activating a logon for MyTax Illinois.

To activate an account for business, you can use one of the following options:

  • Owner/Officer or Responsible Party Social Security Number
  • PIN previously issued by IDOR (used for certain electronic filing methods, such as Webfile and third-party tax software, separate from MyTax Illinois)
  • Account Activity validation

This activation process is to help ensure only individuals who are authorized by their organization gain access to a business’s tax information.

What should I do if I cannot activate my account?

If you have not previously completed Form REG-1-O to provide owner/officer information or if that information has since changed, you may not be able to activate your account without first providing updated information to IDOR. If your business has previously activated a MyTax Illinois account under another user, this can also prevent you from activating a logon. For assistance, please contact Central Registration at or 217 785-3707.