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Business Login Functions

(Require a MyTax Illinois Logon)

File or amend a return

To file a return: Logon to MyTax Illinois. Next to the account type for which you wish to file, select “File a return.” Then you can select the period of the return you wish to file.

To amend a return: Logon to MyTax Illinois. Next to the applicable account type for which you wish to file an amended return, select “View more account options.” Then, under the panel for “Periods and Submissions,” select “View account periods.” Select the tax filing period you wish to amend, select "File or Amend a Return," and then choose the link "Amend." Certain returns may require you to amend using a paper form, depending on the return type and how the original return was filed.

Note: Business Income Tax returns cannot be filed or amended in MyTax Illinois. See the instructions for the applicable tax type for more information on filing your return in MyTax Illinois.

Make a payment

You can make payments in a number of ways using MyTax Illinois, and you can do so using checking or savings accounts. To pay an outstanding assessed balance, you can use “Manage Payments and Returns” on the Summary screen in MyTax Illinois or you can select the applicable item on the Action center screen.

For other types of payments, certain account types offer links to make specific payment types (e.g., “Make an IL-501 Payment” for Illinois Withholding Income Tax). To direct a specific type of payment for a particular tax reporting period select “More account options” and then “View Account Periods.” After selecting the period for which you need to make a payment, select “Make a Payment” and indicate the type of payment you want to make, along with the payment details.

If you are filing a tax return with a payment due, you will have the option to ‘Proceed to payment’ after submitting the return request. MyTax Illinois also offers the option to “pay by mail” for several payment types. This will generate a voucher that you can print and mail with your payment.

Note: Payment requests submitted in MyTax Illinois take three to five business days to fully post to your account and for the balance to be updated.

Renew a license or certificate

MyTax Illinois can be used to renew certain licenses and certificates and to submit associated payments. Your request must be completed during the renewal period for your license or certificate. See your renewal notice for specifics.

For questions on your license renewal, contact or the appropriate division:
IFTA License — or 217 785-1397
Liquor License — or 217 782-2136 (Springfield) or 312 814-2206 (Chicago)
Cigarette/Tobacco license — or 217 785-3707
Bingo/Pull Tab/Charitable Gaming License — or 217 558-7425

Respond to an audit

For certain audit notices issued to taxpayers by IDOR, we allow the taxpayer the option of sending a response using MyTax Illinois. To send a response to such a notice, logon to MyTax Illinois, and select “More Account Options” for the account type for which the notice was sent. Under the panel “Account Options,” select the link “Respond to Audit.’

See your audit notice for specific instructions. You can contact your auditor with questions or assistance with how to respond to a notice.

Respond to a Business Income Tax (BIT) or Withholding Income Tax (WIT) notice

You can use your MyTax Illinois logon to respond to some notices. Next to the BIT or WIT account type, select “View more account options,” and then “Respond to a notice” in the “Letters and Messages” panel.

Select “respond” in the row of the notice to which you would like to respond. Responses in MyTax Illinois are immediately logged. You can view your submitted responses in MyTax Illinois by selecting “View more account options” and then “View Account Messages” in the “Letters and Messages” panel. The response will be in the Outbox tab in Messages. IDOR reviews these responses on a first in, first out basis. You can view responses in MyTax Illinois by selecting “View more account options” and then “View Account Letters” in the “Letters and Messages” panel. While you are not actively being billed for any balance corresponding to the notice during the time that you are waiting for a review of your correspondence, a balance due may still display in MyTax Illinois.

Request an Installment Payment Plan Agreement

You can use your MyTax Illinois logon to submit Form CPP-1, Installment Payment Plan Request, electronically, when certain conditions are met.

Logon to MyTax Illinois, and select “More…” Under the panel “Payments and Returns,” choose “Set up a Payment Installment Plan with IDOR.” For assistance with payment plan, contact, 217 785-8556, or the number on your most recent collection notice.