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MyTax User Management

How do I allow others access to my MyTax Illinois account?

Third-party access

Third-party access enables another trusted user, such as a tax preparer, who has his or her own MyTax Illinois logon to have access to your MyTax Illinois account. The master of a MyTax Illinois account can allow or revoke this access and control which tax accounts the third party can access. A tax preparer with third-party access can log in to MyTax Illinois using the preparer’s own username and password to access client accounts all in one location. Note: Third-party access is not available for accounts administered by IDES.

In order to allow third-party access, you must have activated your own MyTax Illinois account. To allow third parties the ability to request access to your account, after logging in, select “Manage my Profile” and then “More…,” and then in the panel labeled “Access,” select “Manage third party access.” From this screen, you can indicate that you would like to allow third party access. You will also see which third parties currently have access to your account.

A tax preparer needing to request third-party access to another user’s account must log in to his or her MyTax Illinois account and go to “More….” From this screen, under the panel “Access,” you can select “Add Access to an Existing Tax Account.” You will be required to enter different security information depending on the type of account you are adding.

Additional logons

Some organizations may have multiple users who need to access MyTax Illinois for different purposes. Each user should have his or her own username and password. The first user to activate a MyTax Illinois account for the organization becomes the Master account holder. This user has the ability to add and delete additional logons and to control what those users can see and do within MyTax Illinois.

To manage secondary logons for your account, select “Manage my profile,” then “More…,” and then in the “Other Users” panel, select “Manage Additional Logons.” From this screen the Master on the account can control whether additional logons will be allowed, see other logons for this account, and create new usernames and passwords for additional users.

What if the person who created MyTax Illinois access is no longer with the business?

If you have the Master username and password for your account, you can log in to MyTax Illinois and go to “Manage My Profile.” This will allow you to update the email address, profile owner name, authentication method, password, and secret question associated with your master logon.

If you do not have access to the master account, and the master account originator is no longer with your organization, please contact or call Central Registration at 217 785-3707 for assistance.