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Individual Income Tax Non-login Functions

(Do not require a MyTax Illinois Account)

Respond to a notice requesting Identity Verification

If you receive a notice from IDOR requesting identity verification, you can respond securely using MyTax Illinois. From the MyTax Illinois homepage, use the panel “Identity Verification” to respond to an Identity Verification Quiz, Identity Verification Code, or Identity Verification Documents notice. Note: You may need to scroll down the page, or enter ”identity verification” in the search box, to find the “Identity Verification” panel.

IL-PIN inquiry

An Illinois personal identification number (PIN) is assigned to you when you file your first IL-1040. First-time filers will not have an IL-PIN assigned until after IDOR receives and processes that first return. To file your Illinois individual income tax return for the first year, you will need to either complete and mail a paper IL-1040 or file through a tax preparer or third-party electronic software. After filing the first year, you will be able to create a MyTax Illinois account. You may look up your Illinois PIN using your Illinois Driver’s license or Illinois state ID or using the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your most recently filed Illinois tax return. The IL-PIN is used to activate a MyTax Illinois account, file an IL-1040, make a MyTax Illinois payment, or request a Letter ID.

Refund inquiry

From the panel “Inquiries for Individuals,” you can use the “Where’s my refund?” link to check on the status of a current year refund. For questions about prior year refunds, amended returns, or refunds resulting from correspondence with IDOR, please contact Taxpayer Assistance at or 1 800 732-8866 for assistance.

Non-login payments

Individuals can make estimated, extension, and return payments without a logon for the current tax year. Individuals also can make return and balance due payments without a logon for the liabilities reported for the two previous tax year’s returns. To make payments for liabilities reported on returns for tax years greater than three years old, you will need to activate a MyTax Illinois logon. To make a non-login payment, use the link “Make an IL-1040, IL-1040-ES, or IL-505-I payment” located in the “Individuals” panel on the MyTax Illinois homepage. You will be provided with a confirmation code for your payment. Save this code for your records. The code, along with the email address you provide, will allow you to retrieve a record of your payment (using “Retrieve a return, application, or payment” in the “Submissions” panel.) This confirmation code is not emailed to you.

Non-login returns

The option to file a current year Form IL-1040, Illinois Individual Income Tax Return, without having a MyTax Illinois account (non-login option) is improved and available for taxpayers meeting the following standards:

  • You filed a previous year IL-1040
  • You are a full year resident of Illinois*
  • You are not claiming:
    • taxable income or additions except for your Adjusted Gross Income or any tax-exempt interest from the federal 1040
    • subtractions except for social security income, retirement income, Illinois Income Tax overpayment, military pay, U.S. interest, contributions to a 529 plan such as “Bright Start” or “Bright Directions” with the account number, or exemptions
    • non-refundable credits except for property tax credit or K-12 education expense credit
    • payments or refundable credits except for Illinois withholding from W-2, W-2G, 1099-G, 1099-INT, or 1099-R, estimated payments, or Earned Income Credit

To file a return without a MyTax Illinois account: Under the Individuals" panel on the MyTax Illinois homepage, select “File a 2023 IL-1040.” Follow the instructions to complete your return.

*Note: Part-year residents and nonresidents are unable to use the MyTax Illinois program. You will need to file using tax prep software or a paper Form IL-1040, Individual Income Tax Return, and Schedule NR, Nonresident and Part-year Resident Computation of Illinois Tax. However, as a nonresident or part-year resident, you can create a MyTax Illinois account to check your balance and view correspondence. See the IL-1040 Alternate Filing Methods web page for more information.

Look up estimated and extension payments

You can look up your current estimated payments, extension payments, and any credit you have requested to be carried forward to the current tax year using the link “Look up my estimated/extension payment” in the “Inquiries for Individuals” panel on the MyTax Illinois homepage.

1099-G lookup

You can retrieve your Form IL-1099-G as issued by IDOR using the link “Look up my Form 1099-G” under the panel “Inquiries for Individuals” on the MyTax Illinois homepage. This inquiry will only return Forms 1099-G issued for tax overpayments by IDOR in the current year. The prior three years of Forms 1099-G can be accessed by activating a MyTax Illinois logon (see “Letters”).

Note: Form 1099-G is issued only to taxpayers who have elected to itemize their federal return in the prior year and who have an overpayment of $10 or more.

Forms 1099-G issued by other government agencies, such as IDES, must be retrieved from the issuing agency.

1098-F lookup

You can retrieve your Form IL-1098-F as issued by IDOR using the link “Look up my Form 1098-F” under the panel “Searches” on the MyTax Illinois homepage. This inquiry will only return Forms 1098-F issued by IDOR in the current year. Form 1098-F reports payments owed by a taxpayer as a result of a court order, settlement agreement, or other assessment that became, or will become, binding on or after January 1 of the reporting year. Note: Form 1098-F is not a notice of tax due or bill.

Submit an IDOR power of attorney

You can use MyTax Illinois to submit a Power of Attorney for IDOR. From the MyTax Illinois homepage, under the “Additional Services” panel, select “Submit an IDOR Power of Attorney.”

This request should only be submitted for tax types administered by IDOR. You must submit Form IL-2848, Form IL-56, or the Multi-State Power of Attorney form, and any supporting documents for either as one attachment. See the Power of Attorney Information web page for additional guidance.

For Individual Income Tax, use the taxpayer’s Social Security Number (SSN) for the ID number. For joint filers, please submit your request under the primary taxpayer’s SSN and select “Yes” for joint return. Then provide the secondary filer’s SSN and name.

You will be notified by email when the power of attorney has been added to the taxpayer account, which typically takes one to three days.

Volunteer Emergency Worker Credit Application and Lookup

You can apply for and lookup a Volunteer Emergency Worker Credit under the “Individuals” panel on the MyTax Illinois homepage. For more information, see the Volunteer Emergency Worker Credit webpage.