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General Information

Electronic Filing (Specifications)

Motor Fuel Taxes

  • MFUT-53 - Illinois Motor Fuel Use Tax Carrier Compliance Manual
  • PIO-20 - Law Enforcement Guide Motor Fuel Use Tax License and Decals
  • PIO-71 - Dyed Diesel Fuel Enforcement Program

Property Tax

Sales & Related Taxes

  • PIO-28 - Taxes at Fairs, Festivals, Flea Markets and Craft Shows
  • PIO-36 - Use Tax Questions and Answers
  • PIO-55 - Illinois Tire User Fee - see Pub-118, Tire User Fee
  • PIO-115 - Illinois Grocery Tax Suspension Information (Chart) (Español)
  • PIO-123 - Reporting Taxable Sales of Manufactured Homes
  • RUT-76 - Transaction Return Chart - HMTL
  • ST-9 - A Guide for Reporting Sales Using Form ST-556, Sales Transaction Return 
  • ST-9-LSE - A Guide for Reporting Sales Using Form ST-556-LSE, Transaction Return for Leases
  • ST-23 - How to Report Off-Site Sales on Form ST-556, Sales Tax Transaction Return
  • ST-58 - Reciprocal - Non-Reciprocal Vehicle Tax Rate Chart
  • ST-62 - Locally Imposed Sales Taxes Administered by the Department of Revenue--For rates, see Tax Rate Finder below
  • Tax Rate Finder

Withholding Income Tax (Payroll)

  • 2024 IL-700-T, Illinois Withholding Tax Tables Booklet (effective January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024)

The Legislative Research Unit produces The Illinois Tax Handbook for Legislators. This handbook contains information on Illinois state taxes collected by the Department of Revenue and other state agencies.