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Compliance Alerts

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CA-2024-01,  Sales Made to Medicare Administrative Contractors  [HTML] [English]
CA-2023-01, Improper Reporting of Grocery Tax Suspension Sales on Form ST-1 [HTML] [English]
CA-2021-02-A, Tax Remittance Obligations for the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) Retailers’ Occupation Tax on Food and Beverages Under the New Marketplace Facilitator Law  - This compliance alert is being issued to supersede Compliance Alert 2021-02, issued February 2021. [HTML] [English]
CA-2021-01-A, Tax Collection Obligations of Remote Retailers, Marketplace Sellers, and Marketplace Facilitators for Chicago Home Rule Municipal Soft Drink Retailers’ Occupation Tax, Prepaid Wireless E911 Surcharge, and Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation Assessment -  This compliance alert is being issued to supersede Compliance Alert 2021-01, issued February 2021. [HTML] [English]
CA-2021-05, Compliance and Reporting Issues for Form ST-1, Sales and Use Tax Return [HTML] [English]
CA-LG-2021-01, Clarification Issued to Municipalities with Business Districts Regarding Proper Reporting of Addresses [HTML] [English]
CA-2021-03, Proper Taxation of Cannabis Concentrates by Illinois Dispensaries [HTML] [English]
CA-2020-2,  Cannabis Dispensaries Charging the Incorrect Tax Rates on Cannabis Sales [HTML] [English]
CA-2020-1, Food Vendors Neglecting to Collect Illinois Sales Tax on Sales of Ready-Made Meals for School Lunch Programs [HTML] [English]
CA-2019-19, Procedures for Reporting Selling Price on Transaction Returns for Leases (Forms ST-556-LSE and RUT-25-LSE)   [English]
CA-2017-18, Procedures to Obtain a Deduction for Destroyed Liquor   [English]
CA-2017-17,  Penalty for Dealers Who Fail to File Form ST-556 or Form ST-556-LSE When Making Sales for Which No Tax Is Due   [English]
CA-2016-16, Farm Machinery and Equipment Exemption Not Allowed for Trailers Used to Transport Livestock or Crops   [English]
CA-2016-15, Persons or entities renting living quarters or sleeping accommodations to the public must remit hotel tax - CA-2016-15 Questions and Answer   [English]
CA-2015-14, Construction Contracts and Retailers' Occupation Tax   [English]
CA-2014-13, Manufacturer Purchase Credit   [English]
CA-2012-12, Schedule UB, Combined Apportionment for Unitary Business Groups   [English]
CA-2012-11, Vendors of Meals   [English]
CA-2011-10, Pet Breeders   [English]
CA-2011-09, Out-of-State Leasing Companies   [English]
CA-2011-07, Tobacco Products Tax   [English]
CA-2011-06, On-premise Cigarette Production Equipment   [English]
CA-2008-01, Extraterritorial Income Exclusion (EIE)   [English]
CA-2007-03, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)   [English]
CA-2007-02, Required Withholding Income Tax Deposits   [English]
CA-2007-01, Pass-through Entities   [English]