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Cigarette Tax - Electronic Filing

The Department offers the Illinois Electronic Filing Program for direct transmission of the following Cigarette and Cigarette Use Tax returns and schedules: RC-6, RC-6-A, RC-6-X, RC-6-A-X, Sch CA (RC-7), Sch CB (RC-8), Sch CC (RC-9), Sch CD (RC-10), Sch CE (RC-11), Sch CF (RC-12), Sch CF-1 (RC-12-A), Sch CK (RC-13), Sch CL (RC-14), Sch CH (RC-127), RC-6-W, RC-6-A-W, Sch CM (RC-36), RCS-1 and supporting schedules, and Sch CSM (RCS-36).

Participation is available to software developers, transmitters, Electronic Return Originators (EROs), and taxpayers. To use the electronic direct transmission method of electronic filing, you can write your own software or buy software from an accepted electronic filer (third party).

Note: Most Cigarette Tax and Cigarette Use Tax returns and reports can be filed online at MyTax Illinois. Participants using our free MyTax Illinois program do not complete Form IL-8633-B.

If you wish to create your own software for filing or create software to sell, please refer to the Implementation Guide for Direct Electronic Filing of Cigarette Tax and Cigarette Use Tax (below). To enroll, complete Form IL-8633-B, Business Electronic Filing Enrollment.

Electronic filing documentation:

Important: A taxpayer who has 30 or more transactions per month must file electronically.