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Farmland Assessments

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Bulletin 810

Bulletin 810 is a publication released in 2000 and represents the findings of a study completed by the University of Illinois on Illinois crop, pasture, and forestry yields and productivity index ratings used for assessing farmland. In 2006, all counties in Illinois were mandated to use Bulletin 810 soil types and productivity indices for farmland assessments. Table 2 of Bulletin 810 (which shows the productivity of Illinois soil by soil type) was updated in 2012. Table 2 is included in Publication 122, Instructions for Farmland Assessments, and reprinted here for your convenience.

Certified Values

Certified values farmland assessments for:

Flood debasements

Flood debasements must be based on the site’s history and documented crop loss. The Illinois Department of Revenue asked counties to review their existing debasements and revise them as needed based on input from landowners, farmers, and farm managers. (One of the easiest ways to collect accurate yield loss is to have farmers complete a questionnaire. Flood insurance claims and elevator receipts are also helpful.)

Only the PIs of affected acreage that suffers actual, not potential, crop loss due to flooding should be adjusted. Flood debasement procedures should

  • identify the actual acres affected by flooding,
  • determine, from yield data, the documented extent of crop loss caused by each flood situation,
  • adjust the PIs of the affected soils by a percentage equal to the percentage of crop loss caused by each flooding situation over a multi-year (preferably 10) period, and
  • monitor yield data in order to properly compensate for changes in a parcels flooding history.