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Property Tax

Disclaimer: The Illinois Department of Revenue does not administer property tax. It is managed by the local governments including cities, counties, and taxing districts. If you are a taxpayer and would like more information or forms, please contact your local county officials.

General Information and Resources - Find information about property assessment and valuation, assessment appeals, and special assessments as well as links to several helpful resources.

Property Transfer Tax Declarations and MyDec - Real Property Transfer Tax Declarations can now be completed online through the free MyDec program. Learn more about MyDec or to find additional information about transfer tax.

Education Program - Assessors and Board of Review members are required to meet certain qualifications and complete educational requirements to qualify for office. Find general information about IDOR's education program, office qualification requirements, stipends and performance bonuses, and other helpful information.

Local Officials Only (Restricted Area) - Here you will find local government forms and other information specifically for local government officials. To access this page you must be a local government official. For more information, call us at (217) 785-1356.