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MyDec - Online Real Property Transfer Tax Declarations

The Illinois Department of Revenue has developed a free online program for your use, called MyDec, which will allow you to process real property transfer tax declarations, including authorizing and printing electronic stamps. The Department intends to begin phasing in the use of MyDec immediately. All counties are eligible to participate. Transition will occur on a first-come, first-served basis. To begin the enrollment process, county recorders should contact us at

Until you transition into the MyDec system, all counties should continue to follow their current process for real property transfer declarations, including the issuing of paper revenue stamps.

Using MyDec, you will be able to review and verify declarations, authorize and print real estate transfer tax stamps for the exact dollar amount of each transaction, track and record the transactions and run reports on the declarations in your jurisdiction. Payment for real estate transfer tax stamps issued through MyDec will be made monthly to the Department via ACH credit.

MyDec allows you to electronically submit:

  • State of Illinois Forms PTAX 203, 203-A, and 203-B
  • City of Chicago Form 7551 - Real Property Transfer Tax Declaration
  • Real Property Transfer Tax Declarations for participating counties. For a complete list continue to MyDec at MyTax Illinois.

Once you've signed up to use MyDec, individuals, law firms, and settlement agencies in your jurisdiction will be able to sign-up to use the system too. These users will be able to create, submit, review, accept, and close transfer tax declarations online. They also will be able to track the status of, and make corrections to, a declaration during the recording process.

The Department also has developed a webservice that will allow counties to continue to use their current software programs, if they choose to do so, as an alternative to MyDec. The Department has provided detailed specifications to software providers, such as ACS, Computer Information Concepts, Cott Systems, Fidlar Technologies, IT Stability, and Tyler Technologies, so their current products can be modified to communicate with MyDec.

Please be aware that even if you elect to continue to use your current software, rather than MyDec, you still must register with MyDec in order to issue electronic stamps. Electronic stamps will be available only for declarations originating in MyDec.

For more information:

  • Check back here to find updates about MyDec, including a current list of participating counties.
  • See the Help Using MyDec Guide, available at the MyDec home page.
  • Still have questions? Contact us at