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Employment Benefits with the State of Illinois

Group Insurance/Savings Programs

Medical: Employees are eligible for medical insurance covering themselves and dependents, if elected, on their start date. Available insurance options include Aetna HMO, Aetna OAP, Consumer driven health plan Aetna PPO, Blue Advantage HMO, HMO Illinois, Blue Cross Blue Shield OAP, Health Alliance HMO and Healthlink OAP.

Dental: Delta Dental provides options for dental coverage. Employees, and dependents, if elected, are eligible on their start date.

Vision: Vision coverage is available as part of the medical insurance package at no additional cost and is administered by Eyemed.

Parental Leave: All State of Illinois employees are eligible for 12 weeks of parental leave for birthing and non-birthing parents.

Pension: All employees, including new hires, will contribute to the retirement pension system at a minimum of 4% pre-tax rate when they start with the state.

Deferred Compensation: In addition to the pension, new hires automatically contribute 3% of their pre-tax gross compensation into this supplemental retirement plan. There is a 30-day window to opt out/change the amount of contribution, tax options, and elections for this plan. 

Flexible Spending: Pre-tax savings programs for medical and dependent care expenses allow employees to pay for out of pocket expenses/work-related dependent care expenses using tax free dollars. 

Commuter Savings Program: Pre-tax savings program to have parking/transit deductions taken via payroll deduction.

Time-Related Benefits

Holidays: State employees will observe at least 13 paid Holidays each year.

Vacation Days: New employees may earn up to 10 paid Vacation Days in their first year of employment. Time accrues monthly.

Personal Days: New employees may start with as many as 3 paid Personal Days, depending on start date, in a calendar year.

Sick Days: New employees may earn up to 12 Sick Days in their first year of employment.  Time accrues monthly.

Additional Benefits

The Illinois Department of Revenue also offers tuition reimbursement, day care, and training opportunities. More information available upon hire.