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Employment Opportunities FAQs

Are full-time work-from-home or hybrid work schedule positions available?

Yes, many positions at Revenue qualify for a hybrid work schedule however, the Revenue Tax Specialist (RTS) Trainee, Collection Officer Trainee, and Revenue Auditor Trainee titles are all full-time in the office because of the need for in-person classroom training and side-by-side mentoring.

Do any positions not require an interview?

Revenue Tax Specialist Trainees, Office Assistants, and Data Processing Assistants/Techs do not require an interview.

Do I need a degree?

It depends on the position.  Jumping straight into one of the trainee titles does require a bachelor's degree from a specific category of fields. Examples include communications, public relations, psychology, sociology, business management, accounting, finance, and statistics. However, there are ways that you can bypass this requirement.  You could, for example, get your foot in the door without a degree as an Office Assistant and after 8 years*, you could then apply for a Revenue Tax Specialist Trainee position and continue advancing up the career path.

(* This will be changing to four year in the near future.)

Do I need to be vaccinated to get a job at Revenue?

There is no vaccination requirement for employment at the Illinois Department of Revenue.

How can being bilingual benefit me at the Illinois Department of Revenue?

Some positions do require bilingual abilities and are posted as such.  If you obtain one of those positions, you will receive compensation for those skills.

How long does training last for the Trainee titles?

Generally, training lasts 12 months. If you are meeting your job requirements at the end of the training period, you will automatically be promoted to an RTS 1 or Revenue Auditor 1 title.

Is experience required?

It depends on the position.  The trainee titles do not require experience. You should check the minimum qualifications in the job postings for each position you apply for.

Why does it take so long to get a position with the State of Illinois?

There are multiple steps involved with the hiring process.  The Illinois Department of Revenue works closely with Central Management Services (CMS) to ensure the proper steps are followed to find the most qualified applicants.