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Additional ways to protect your identity

  • Shred documents with your name, address, bank account numbers and credit card information. Proper shredding cuts on a diagonal and creates tiny pieces, not long, easy-to-reassemble strips.
  • Check your credit reports and Social Security Administration accounts regularly. Not all stolen identities are used for refund fraud. Thieves can take out loans and home equity lines using your credit or your children’s credit. Undocumented workers use stolen Social Security numbers to apply for work, and the employers will then report those wages using the stolen Social Security numbers.
  • Know your tax preparer or use our website or to find a legitimate tax preparer. If you like to file using installed software, use our website to verify we have approved the specific software for Illinois filing. Buy your software from a trusted retailer, or by going directly (not clicking a link) to your preferred software company’s website. If you use an accountant, make sure it’s someone you know will be available after April 15. Don’t let any preparer take your refund and then pay you directly.
  • When you see new questions, lockout features and password requirements for logging in to tax preparation products, feel good about it. Know that these new features are in place for your protection, and that the requirements are in place for every single tax preparation company.