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ACH Credit

ACH credit is an electronic payment method that you may use to pay tax liabilities. Using this payment method requires you to directly instruct your financial institution to transfer funds from your bank account to the Department's bank account.

ACH credit is not the preferred payment option for most taxpayers. Most taxpayers wanting to make an electronic payment to the Department use another option like the Department's MyTax Illinois taxpayer portal, third party software, or credit cards. If you have questions about ACH Credit, we ask that you please call 217-782-6257 so that our staff can educate you about this payment option beforehand.

Note: ACH credit payments are made using the Tax Payment (TXP) Banking Convention in the addendum record of a CCD+ formatted record.

If you are certain ACH credit is your preferred method to pay your tax liabilities with the Department, then proceed to the MyTax Illinois login screen, select "Request ACH Credit Banking Instructions" in the Additional Services panel, and complete the request for instructions from us. Within approximately seven to ten business days after we process your request, we will provide you with the Department's bank instructions and required addenda to make these payments.

Note: You cannot use Form EFT-1 to obtain the Department's banking instructions for ACH credit. We will reject all attempts to use Form EFT-1 for this purpose.