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FY 2024-23
April 2024

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Change in the Motor Fuel Tax Rate, Effective July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025

To: All Motor Fuel Distributors, Suppliers, and Receivers; Users and Sellers of Alternative Fuel; and Non-Highway Use Motor Fuel Tax Refund Claimants

Section 2 of the Motor Fuel Tax Law (35 ILCS 505/2) imposes a tax per gallon on all motor fuel (i.e., diesel fuel, gasoline, gasohol, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, commonly known as “propane”), compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG)) used in motor vehicles operating on Illinois public highways and in recreational type watercraft operating on Illinois waters. The Law provides that the rate of tax will be increased annually on July 1 of each year by an amount equal to the percentage increase, if any, in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers for all items published by the United States Department of Labor for the 12 months ending in March of each year, rounded to the nearest one-tenth of one cent. The percentage increase for July 1, 2024, is 3.49% (.0349).

What are the Illinois Motor Fuel Tax rates from July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025?

From July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025, the Illinois Motor Fuel Tax rates (in cents per gallon, DGE1, or GGE2) are as follows:

Diesel3 54.5¢ per gallon
Gasoline4 47.0¢ per gallon
LPG 54.5¢ per DGE5
LNG 54.5¢ per DGE6
CNG 47.0¢ per GGE7

Rate information is available at Use MyTax Illinois at to file and pay your Illinois Motor Fuel Tax returns.

1 “DGE” means diesel gallon equivalent.

2 “GGE” means gasoline gallon equivalent.

3 Diesel fuel is defined as any product intended for use or offered for sale as a fuel for engines in which the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber and ignited by pressure without electric spark (includes biodiesel).

4 Gasoline includes gasohol.

5 A DGE of LPG = 6.41 pounds of LPG. The conversion ratio used to calculate the LPG rate is one gallon = 0.651 DGEs of LPG.

6 A DGE of LNG = 6.06 pounds of LNG. The conversion ratio used to calculate the LNG rate is one gallon = 0.5776 DGEs of LNG.

7 A GGE of CNG = 5.66 pounds of CNG.