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Invest in Kids 2023 Program Activity

Important News - The expiration date of the Invest in Kids Scholarship Tax Credit Program was December 31, 2023. Contributions made to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) after December 31, 2023, will not be eligible for a tax credit. See Informational Bulletin FY 2024-17 for more information.

An Invest in Kids tax credit must be claimed in the tax year that the contribution was made. Any Invest in Kids tax credit not fully used in the year it was first claimed may be carried forward for the next five tax years, even if the five-year carry forward period is past the expiration date. For example: If a calendar year filing taxpayer makes an eligible contribution to an SGO in 2023, the tax credit must be claimed on the 2023 tax return. Any excess credit not used on the 2023 tax return may be carried forward until 2028.



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Available Contributions:

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Information current as of 11:59 p.m., December 31, 2023.