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Taxable Income

Your Illinois income includes the adjusted gross income (AGI) amount figured on your federal return, plus any additional income that must be added to your AGI. Some of your income may be subtracted when figuring your Illinois base income. For more information, see the IL-1040 Step-by-Step Instructions and Publication 101.

Is unemployment income taxable by Illinois?

Unemployment compensation included in your federal adjusted gross income is taxable to Illinois if

  • you earned it while you were an Illinois resident or
  • you received it from the Illinois Department of Employment Security as a nonresident.

Note: Railroad Unemployment is the only type of unemployment income that is not taxed by Illinois. Refer to Schedule M, Line 37 Instructions. Do not claim any other type of unemployment income on Schedule M, Line 37.

Does Illinois have inheritance tax/estate tax?

Yes, however inheritance tax and estate tax are not administered by the Illinois Department of Revenue. Questions regarding inheritance tax should be directed to the Office of the Attorney General at 217 524-5095.