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Liquor Tax Forms

Name Description 
  MyTax Illinois
REG-4-A Instr. Financial Responsibility Bond
REG-4-D Instr. Financial Institution Irrevocable Letter of Credit Bond
RL-4   Application for Permit to Purchase Alcoholic Liquors Tax Free for Nonbeverage Purposes
RL-26 Instr. Liquor Revenue Return
RL-26-X Instr. Amended Liquor Revenue Return
RL-26-A Instr. Liquor Revenue Airline Return
RL-26-A-X Instr. Amended Liquor Revenue Airline Return
RL-26-AF Instr. Alcoholic Liquor Transactions
RL-26-B, C, or N Instr. Tax-free Alcoholic Liquor Sales
RL-26-D Instr. Tax-free Bulk Purchases Used in Rectification, Bottling, and Blending
RL-26-E Instr. Sales for Non-Beverage Purposes
RL-26-G Instr. Tax-paid Inventory
RL-26-H-1   Inventory of Alcoholic Liquors Worksheet
RL-26-J   Report of Alcoholic Liquors Lost, Destroyed, or Damaged During Production and Bottling
RL-26-J-1   Liquor Production Worksheet
RL-26-L Instr. Out-of-State Sellers' Shipment Report
​Report of Liquor Sales to Retailers
RL-26-W Instr. Liquor Direct Wine Shipper Return
RL-26-W-X Instr. Amended Liquor Direct Wine Shipper Return
RL-37 Instr. Carrier's Report of Alcoholic Liquors Delivered
RL-51 Instr. Warehouseman's Report of Alcoholic Liquors Received
RL-52 Instr. Warehouseman's Summary of Alcoholic Liquors Stored for Others on Hand at End of Month
RL-53 Instr. Deliveries of Alcoholic Liquors from Public Warehouse
RL-115 Instr. Other Illinois Liquor Tax Deductions