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Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim the Illinois EITC for prior years?

If you filed Form IL-1040 for a prior year, and received the federal EITC credit, but did not claim the Illinois EITC credit for that year, you may file IL-1040-X, Amended Illinois Income Tax Return, to claim it. Also, include Schedule IL-E/EIC. For tax years 2022 and prior, you are only able to claim the Illinois EITC if you qualified for the federal EITC.

Note: Unless you were required to file US Form 1040-X and received a refund of the federal EITC, you may only receive a refund of your Illinois EITC if you file a return claiming the credit within three years of the extended due date of the return (generally October 15th).

I received a letter from the Illinois Department of Revenue about EITC, what should I do?

We send letters about EITC that may:

  • Ask you to send information to verify your federal EITC claim,
  • Ask you to send additional information to confirm your claim,
  • Ask you to send information to verify your business income and expenses,
  • Provide important information about your claim, or
  • Ask you to provide additional information such as:
    • your city-, state-, or county-issued professional license, registration, or certification (if required for your occupation)
    • sales, business, or withholding tax registration forms
    • your federal return
    • your federal Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ
    • your federal Form 8867 (if you used a paid preparer to file your return)
    • documents you used to calculate your business income and expenses (ledger, spreadsheet, journal, sales slips, receipts, etc.)

Please do not attach this information to your originally-filed Form IL-1040, Individual Income Tax Return, unless it is requested in the instructions. If necessary, we will send you a letter requesting additional documents in order to verify your Illinois EITC.

Respond to the address listed on the letter with all of the information requested. 

What are some common errors in claiming the Illinois EITC?

Errors can delay your refund or result in the Illinois Department of Revenue denying your Illinois EITC claim. Avoid the following common errors:

  • Claiming a child who does not meet the qualifying tests for age, relationship, and residency.
  • Social Security number, Individual Taxpayer Identification number (ITIN) or last name mismatches.
  • Filing as single or head of household when married.
  • Over or under reporting of income or expenses.
  • Entering the incorrect amount of federal EITC credit.

Is there a difference between EIC and EITC?

No. EIC and EITC are both acronyms for Earned Income Tax Credit.