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2009 Partnership Replacement Tax Forms

Name Description
IL-1065 Instr. Partnership Replacement Tax Return (includes Schedule B)
IL-1065-X Instr. Amended Partnership Replacement Tax Return)        
IL-477   Replacement Tax Investment Credits)
IL-1000   Pass-through Entity Payment Income Tax Return)
IL-1000-E   Certificate of Exemption for Pass-through Entity Payments)
IL-1000-P   Prepayment Voucher for Pass-through Entity Payments)
IL-1000-X   Amended Pass-through Entity Payment Income Tax Return)
IL-1023-C Instr. Composite Income and Replacement Tax Return)
IL-1023-CES   2010 Composite Estimated Tax Payments for Partners and Shareholders)
IL-1023-C-X Instr. Amended Composite Income and Replacement Tax Return)
IL-4562   Special Depreciation)
Sch. F   Gains from Sales or Exchanges of Property Acquired before 8/1/69)
Sch. K-1-P   Partner's or Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, and Recapture
Sch. K-1-P (1)   Instructions for Partnerships and S Corporations Completing Schedule K-1-P
Sch. K-1-P (2)   Partner's and Shareholder's Instructions
Sch. M   Other Additions and Subtractions (for businesses)
Sch. NB   Nonbusiness Income
Sch. NLD   Illinois Net Loss Deduction
Sch. 80/20   Related Party Expenses
Sch. 1299-A Instr. Tax Subtractions and Credits (for partnerships and S corporations)
Sch. 1299-S   Enterprise Zones, Foreign Trade Zones, and Sub-Zones
Sch. 4255   Recapture of Investment Tax Credits