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Listing of Records Maintained

The following is a listing of records maintained by the Department of Revenue. Some of the records maintained by this office are considered to be of a confidential nature and therefore not available under the provisions of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

Charitable Gaming, Income Tax, Sales & Excise Taxes

  • Accounts receivable
  • Application forms
  • Billings
  • Blank forms (i.e., returns, claims)
  • Bulletins to taxpayers
  • Charts
  • Completed forms (i.e., returns, claims)
  • Correspondence
  • Error notices
  • Internal discrepancy reports
  • Procedures
  • Production reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Tax distribution reports


  • Case files
  • Correspondence files
  • Court case docket books and files
  • Department rules historical files
  • Files containing names of non-for-profit organizations which have been rules taxable or exempt as purchasers
  • Index letter rulings books
  • Index of synopses of letter rulings issued by the Department's Legal Division
  • Legislative historical files
  • Management reports
  • Municipal/County ordinance files
  • Statistical reports
  • Subject files prior to Sunshine Act
  • Wage garnishment files

Property Tax

  • Abstracts of assessments
  • Property tax cost schedule publications
  • Annual overlap files for apportioning overlapping taxing districts
  • Certification of capitol stock assessment records, publication of assessments, and any records pertaining to litigation available.
  • Reports and statistics on available property tax data
  • CIAO status by county or zip code
  • Spreadsheets showing tax rates, EAV, levies, and extensions for all taxing districts in the state
  • Farmland files, maps, abstracts, reviews and manuals
  • Mailing list system (St. Clair County Board of Assessments, Cook County Assessor, State's Attorneys, County Recorders, County Sheriffs)
  • Pollution Control certification and forms
  • Property Tax Systems Publication
  • Railroad returns and assessment and financial information
  • S/A Salaries
  • Sales ratio statistical reports
  • Study lists and material for potential and present assessment officials
  • Tax returns for all certified pollution control facilities and railroads operating in Illinois
  • Tentative and final multiplier files

Document Not Otherwise Classified

  • Annual Report
  • Brochures
  • Informational Bulletins for various taxes
  • Press Releases
  • Research Reports