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Motor Fuel Use Tax Single Trip Permits

If I do not have an IFTA license and have a qualified motor vehicle traveling interstate what do I need to do?

In lieu of obtaining an IFTA license, you may satisfy your Motor Fuel Use Tax obligation by purchasing Single-Trip Permits for each jurisdiction in which you are traveling. A Single Trip Permit for Illinois allows a motor carrier who operates commercial motor vehicles to travel into or through Illinois for a 96-hour period without being registered in a motor fuel use tax program. If you are a carrier in need of a Single Trip Permit, please contact a Single Trip Permit provider. Single Trip Permits for Illinois must be purchased before entering Illinois.

Are you a Single Trip Permit Service Provider?

No – Illinois is currently not accepting new providers. Contact a Single Trip Permit provider to obtain a permit or call 1 217 785-1397 for questions about registering for IFTA.