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Why is Form IL-2848, Power of Attorney, required to discuss my client's tax return?

To protect the confidentiality of tax information, tax practitioners, preparers, etc., are required to have Form IL-2848, Power of Attorney, on file with the Illinois Department of Revenue before we can discuss your client's information with you. In addition, you should have a copy of your client's return with you as you will be asked to verify certain information contained on the return.  

Note: You can also submit the Multi-State Power of Attorney form in lieu of Form IL-2848. 

Note: Form IL-1040, Individual Income Tax Return, the Third Party Designee box on the return will allow a taxpayer to designate a person to answer any questions that arise during the processing of the return, call with questions about the return, and receive or respond to notices we send. A similar box was added to the Illinois business income tax forms beginning with the 2012 tax year. See the instructions for the return you are filing for further details.





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