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Where can I find information regarding my property's parcel number and assessment?

In order to obtain a property's parcel number or assessment records, you need to contact your Assessor's Office, or in some jurisdictions this information may be available through your county's website. A property record card is kept on each parcel in the county in the chief county assessment office. The assessor can explain the information on the property record card and can explain how your property's assessed value was determined. The property or parcel number is available on your property tax or real estate tax bill. This office location can be found by searching online.

The property tax is a local tax imposed by local government taxing districts (e.g., school districts, municipalities, counties) and administered by local officials (e.g., township assessors, chief county assessment officers, local boards of review, county collectors). Property taxes are collected and spent at the local level. Individual property tax records are maintained at the local level of government and not by the state of Illinois. The Township Assessor in counties under township government or County Supervisor of Assessments Office, also called the County Assessor's Office in some counties, can assist with information on assessment of properties. The County Treasurer, also called the County Collector, can assist with information on property tax bills or collection of property taxes.

See our General Property Tax Information and Resources web page for more information.


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