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How do I protest a License or Certificate of Registration denial?

​You must file a protest with the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR), and request an administrative hearing within 20 days (30 days for IFTA) of the date of the notice. Refer to the notice you received for this information.

Your request must

  • be in writing,
  • clearly indicate that you want to protest,
  • explain in detail why you do not agree with our actions, and
  • include your contact information.

If you do not file a protest within the time allowed, you will waive your right to a hearing, and the denial will become final.

An administrative hearing is a formal legal proceeding conducted in a manner defined by rules adopted by IDOR and is presided over by an administrative law judge.  A protest of this notice does not preserve your rights under any other notice. To request an administrative hearing, submit a written request to IDOR, with a copy of the notice, to the address on the letter or to the address below:

Illinois Department of Revenue

Office of Administrative Hearings MC 5-550
101 W. Jefferson Street
P.O. Box 19014
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9014

Note: Protesting your license or registration denial, does not include the protest of any outstanding tax liability. Click here for options on disputing tax liability.

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