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Policies and Procedures Governing Use of the Willard Ice Building for Other than for State Business

The Willard Ice Building (WIB) is a state owned and operated facility that serves as the Springfield headquarters of the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR). In addition, the WIB houses certain functions of the Illinois Department on Aging, the Illinois Secretary of State, and the Illinois Department of Central Management Services. All use of the facility not strictly related to official state business is prohibited except as provided in this policy.

  1. Organizations Permitted to Use the WIB
    A sponsoring organization or group must be able to document its not-for-profit status, as well as its having a national, State, or community presence for at least two years preceding the date of application for use of the WIB. Acceptable documentation of status would include a copy of the organization’s sales tax exemption certificate. IDOR will review all documentation submitted by the organization, and IDOR’s decision shall be final.

    Upon authorization, State employees may use their work areas or common areas for tax-exempt purposes as described below. State vendors may use the building for purposes directly related to their agreements with the State.

  2. Permitted Uses of the WIB
    The event must be deemed by IDOR to be appropriate to the dignity and character of the WIB. Religious proselytizing and related activities are prohibited. Event participants other than employees of the State or State vendors or concessionaires may use the WIB lobby only. Unauthorized access to other areas of the building will result in immediate cancelation of the organization’s permission to use the facility.

  3. Photographs in the WIB
    The taking of photographs in the WIB except in the lobby area is strictly prohibited.

  4. WIB Availability
    The WIB lobby may be available Mondays through Fridays during normal working hours. Use of the building on evenings, weekends and holidays is not permitted. At IDOR’s discretion, the WIB may be unavailable for use from March 15 through May 15 annually, and all other such times as shall, in the sole discretion of IDOR be determined to be in the State’s best interest.

  5. Liability Insurance
    Organizations desiring to use the WIB shall provide proof of general liability insurance with coverage limits of no less than:
    • Bodily injury (including death): $100,000 per person and $500,000 per occurrence.
    • Property Damage: $100,000 per occurrence.

    A certificate of insurance coverage in a form satisfactory to IDOR shall be submitted to the IDOR Administrative Services Division not less than two weeks prior to the date of the event. The policy shall name the Illinois Department of Revenue and the Illinois Secretary of State as insured and shall preclude any rights of subrogation against the State of Illinois, its officers, employees, and agents, except for willful and wanton negligence.

  6. Parking
    Building use or event parking is prohibited in all WIB parking lots (including the Jefferson Street Visitor Lot) without official approval and assignment. Please indicate on Form IDR-831, Willard Ice Building Facilities Use Request, if parking is needed for the event. Parking is approved and assigned based on availability and is not guaranteed for building use/events. IDOR does not assume responsibility for damage to any vehicle parked at or near the WIB. Organizations using the WIB shall follow all applicable parking rules and regulations.

  7. Smoking
    Smoking is not permitted within the WIB.

  8. Reserving Space
    IDOR does not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, race, or national origin in considering requests for use of the WIB by not-for-profit organizations. The Administrative Services Program will review and consider all applications for use of the WIB by not-for-profit organizations. All applications must be approved in advance by the Director of Revenue or the Director's designee.

    Vendors conducting legitimate state business may coordinate space use with the IDOR buyer or user and Administrative Services' Property Management and Telecommunications Division. If IDOR is not the buyer or user, the vendor should complete Form IDR-831, Willard Ice Building Facilities Use Request.End of added content

    IDR-831- Willard Ice Building Facilities Use Request

  9. General Requirements
    1. Permission to use the WIB lobby will be granted on a “first come, first served” basis. No two applicants will be permitted to hold functions at the same time.
    2. Use of the WIB lobby permitted under this policy is for one or two-day events only. Routine use of the facility will be deemed commercial in nature and will not be permitted.
    3. A representative of the requesting organization must submit an application for use (Form IDR-831) at least 30 days prior to the intended date of use. Late applications may be rejected. Incomplete applications may not be considered and will be returned.
    4. Organizations are encouraged to provide their own tables and chairs.
    5. Organizations may set up their displays on the morning of an event and shall have their displays removed and the area cleaned prior to 5:00 P.M. on the last day of the event. Organizations, including organizations having two-day events, shall not leave any food in the WIB overnight and must clean and dispose of garbage before 5:00 p.m. each evening.
    6. The using organization shall be responsible for any loss or damage to State property arising out of activities associated with their use of the WIB.
    7. Organizations using or seeking to use the WIB shall not directly or indirectly offer any gift, favor, service, loan, entertainment, or thing of value to any State employee under circumstances that might reasonably be construed as influencing a State employee in the performance of his or her official duties.
    8. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises is prohibited.
    9. All organizations using the lobby must be in compliance with State of Illinois tax laws and policies at the time of application and the time of use. Organizations holding more than two sales events annually in any combination of locations must be registered to pay Illinois sales tax and must have no unpaid liabilities at the time of application and at the time of the event.

  10. Employee Use
    Employees may request to use the lobby, certain parts of work areas or other common areas for legitimate not-for-profit functions. These activities may not interfere in the State’s work. Activities in work areas must be very limited, such as placement of a collection tin in a coffee bar or other common space. Limited activity in work areas requires the approval of the appropriate Program Administrator only. Employee use of common areas for charitable lunches, etc., requires completion of Form IDR-831, Willard Ice Building Facilities Use Request.

  11. Fees
    There are no fees for use of the WIB by bona fide not-for-profit organizations in accordance with these policies and procedures. However, organizations failing to follow these policies and procedures may be assessed a fee as appropriate for IDOR to recoup any out-of-pocket expenses.

  12. Permission May be Revoked
    Failure to follow these policies and procedures will result in the immediate cancelation of permission to use the facility, as well as denial of subsequent requests to use the facility. IDOR reserves the right to cancel an event on short notice, should exigencies of State business require.