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1997 Individual Income Tax Forms

Name Description
IL-1040 Instr. Illinois Individual Income Tax Return ( R-12/97)
Sch. CR   Credit for Tax Paid to Other States ( R-12/97)
Sch. F   Gains from Sales or Exchanges of Property Acquired Before 8/1/69 (Instructions Included) ( R-12/97)
Sch. NR Instr. Nonresident and Part-year resident Computation of Illinois Tax ( R-12/97)
IL-1040-X Amended Individual Income Tax Return (fill-in savable form) ( R-10/08)
Sch. 1299-C Instr. Income Tax Subtractions & Credits ( R-12/97)
IL-1310   Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due to Deceased Taxpayer ( R-12/97)
IL-2210   Computation of Penalties for Individuals ( R-12/97)
IL-4644   Gains from Sales of Employer's Securities Received from a Qualified Employee Benefit Plan and Instructions ( R-12/97)
IL-4852   Substitute for unobtainable Form W-2 ( R-12/96)