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How do I file and pay using the FSET Program and how do I enroll?

Answer #757 -- ( Published 03/08/2018 09:45 AM | Updated 03/08/2018 4:34 PM )

How do I file and pay using the FSET Program and how do I enroll?

The Fed/State Employment Taxes Program (FSET) is an option for large employers and payroll companies to electronically file and pay both their federal and Illinois employment taxes (state withholding and unemployment insurance). FSET requires special programming and is open to software developers, transmitters, and payroll service providers who will act as "Reporting Agents" (companies that perform payroll services for other businesses). Taxpayers must use a payroll service provider, approved third party software, or develop their own software to participate in FSET. All participants must complete Form IL-8633-B, Business Electronic Filing Enrollment.

For detailed information, go to Withholding Income Tax – FSET.

Note: Another option to electronically file and pay withholding income tax and unemployment insurance is our free online account management program, MyTax Illinois. To use MyTax Illinois, do not complete Form IL-8633-B.

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