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How does bankruptcy affect my tax responsibilities to IDOR?

Answer #524 -- ( Published 03/20/2006 08:53 AM | Updated 05/14/2018 12:04 PM )

What if I want to file or have filed for bankruptcy?  How does bankruptcy affect my tax responsibilities to the Illinois Department of Revenue?

We do not administer the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy is a federal court process. For information about filing bankruptcy, contact a bankruptcy attorney or visit the web site of the United States Bankruptcy Courts. Please be aware that even if you file for bankruptcy, you must still file all current tax returns and pay current taxes. Also, any debt you have with us may not be eliminated through the bankruptcy process.

Important: If you file bankruptcy or are currently in bankruptcy proceedings you need to immediately mail or e-mail us at the following:

PO BOX 19035
Springfield IL 62794-9035

You will need to provide us copies of the bankruptcy details including your name, taxpayer identification number (SSN, FEIN, Illinois Business Tax number), the bankruptcy number, and the bankruptcy court.

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