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Pub-8 - General Information Guide for Illinois Taxpayers (R-02/11)
PIO-33 - Where to Get Assistance (R-03/11)
PIO-58 - Informal Conference Board Review (R-03/14)
PIO-60 - Illinois Audit Information (R-10/13)

Electronic Filing (Newsletter, Specifications)

Income Tax Returns
Sales Tax Returns
Cigarette Tax Returns
Liquor Tax Returns
Telecommunications Tax Returns
Tobacco Products Tax Returns


PIO-36 - Illinois Use Tax for Individual Taxpayers (R-04/12)

Local Government

ST-62 - Locally Imposed Sales Taxes Administered by the Department of Revenue Effective July 1, 2014 (R-06/14)

Motor Fuel Taxes

MFUT-53 - Illinois Motor Fuel Use Tax Carrier Compliance Manual (R-10/14)
PIO-20 - Law Enforcement Guide Motor Fuel Use Tax License and Decals (R-10/10)
PIO-71 - Dyed Diesel Fuel Enforcement Program (R-08/14)

Property Tax

Property Tax Statistics and Assessment Ratio Levels
PTAX-60 - Illinois Property Tax Rate and Levy Manual (R-12/13)
PTAX-1004 - The Illinois Property Tax System (R-03/14)
PTAX-1032 - Education Program (R-04/13)
PTAX-1080 - Property Tax Extension Limitation Law, Technical Manual
PIO-16 -  An Overview of Property Tax (R-04/13)
PIO-37 - Sales Tax Exemptions and Property Tax Exemptions
PIO-62 - An Overview of the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law by Referendum (R-02/12)

Sales & Related Taxes

Tax Rate Database
RUT-76 - Transaction Return Chart (N-10/10)
PIO-55 - Illinois Tire User Fee (R-03/11)
ST-9 - A Guide for Reporting Sales Using Form ST-556, Sales Transaction Return (R-06/10)
ST-23 - How to Report Off-Site Sales on Form ST-556, Sales Tax Transaction Return (R-05/10)
ST-58 - Reciprocal - Non-Reciprocal Vehicle Tax Rate Chart Effective July 1, 2014 (R-06/14) |  Previous Years
STS-76 - Illinois Aircraft/Watercraft and Vehicle Tax Information Guide (R-11/12)
PIO-28 - Taxes at Fairs, Festivals, Flea Markets and Craft Shows

Withholding Income Tax (Payroll)

IL-700-T - Illinois Withholding Tax Tables (R-12/13)

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