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October 2012 - Super Storm Sandy - affected Taxpayers

The Department of Revenue will waive penalties and interest for taxpayers who cannot file or pay on time as a result of Super Storm Sandy.

Taxpayers should file or pay as soon as possible. When they do so they should write “Super Storm Sandy 2012” in red on the outside of their envelope and on the top of the tax return. Taxpayers should include with the return a brief written explanation of why they could not file timely.

MyTax Illinois filers – to quickly and easily claim disaster relief through MyTax Illinois log in to your MyTax Illinois account, navigate to the account you wish to claim disaster relief for, and click “Claim Disaster Relief” under “Account Maintenance” in the left sidebar.

Complete the online disaster relief claim request and submit it. If you wish to claim disaster relief for multiple tax types or disasters, you must complete a separate request for each tax type or disaster.

IFTA filers - notify the department by email at Affected taxpayers should include their name, account identification number, period that is affected, and a brief explanation of why they will be late, along with an estimate of when they believe they can file or pay.