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Information regarding your “Authorization to Release Sales Tax Information to Local Governments”


Complete this form only if you

  • make retail sales of tangible personal property from a permanent location in Illinois or conduct a tent sale where you complete ST-556 and ST-556-LSE forms for individual transactions; and
  • want to authorize us (Illinois Department of Revenue) to disclose to your local government its share of sales tax received from your business.

Special notes

  • The department does not provide tax collection information from sales made at temporary locations (i.e. craft shows, flea markets, fairs, etc.).
  • If the request for information includes past periods, the department will provide tax information for up to 36 months prior to our date of receipt.
  • All requests must have a beginning and ending date. If you are unsure about the ending date, you may enter "12/31/2099" in place of an ending date.

Additional Information

You, as the owner or authorized officer of the business, must complete each line of the “Authorization to Release Sales Tax Information to Local Governments” form.  Your local government official should review the form for completion and accuracy prior to submitting the form to us for processing.  Your local government official should also verify the group/district if this is not a stand-alone request.

Enter your Illinois Account ID on this form, not your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).  Your Illinois Account ID can be found on your Certificate of Registration provided to you by the Illinois Department of Revenue and required to be displayed at your retail sales location.  If you make retail sales and you do not have a current Certificate of Registration or you are not yet registered as a retailer, contact our Central Registration Division at 217 785-3707 for further assistance.

  • PTAX 1002-21, Authorization to Release Sales Tax Information to Local Governments

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