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Information Concerning Property Tax Relief for Veterans with Disabilities

More Illinois veterans and persons with disabilities will be eligible for tax relief as a result of legislation recently enacted. Public Act 98-1145 and Public Act 99-0375 expand the existing property tax homestead exemptions and mobile home exemptions, helping more Illinois veterans with disabilities and their families.

Veterans and their spouses who qualified for the Specially Adapted Housing Exemption for Veterans with Disabilities (35 ILCS 200/15-165) for the 2014 tax year will receive additional property tax relief on their 2015 property tax bills. The Specially Adapted Housing Exemption benefit was increased, providing a reduction in the assessed value for specially adapted housing of up to $100,000 (previously $70,000). Those veterans and their families who qualify for the specially adapted housing benefit on their mobile home will continue to be fully exempt from the full amount of the Mobile Homes Local Services Tax Act.

For the 2015 tax year for taxes payable in 2016, the specially adapted housing benefit is expanded to include housing specifically constructed or adapted to suit a qualifying veteran’s disability, and is donated through a charitable organization in compliance with the standards set by the U. S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The exemption must be reestablished annually by certification from the Illinois Department of Veterans to the Illinois Department of Revenue who forwards the certification list of eligible veterans to the local assessing officials.

Additional property tax relief passed into law that will benefit veterans and their spouses, beginning with the 2015 tax year for property taxes payable in 2016, includes: