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Part 660 - Tobacco Products Tax Act of 1995

Section Name
660 Table of Contents
660.5 Nature and Rate of Tobacco Products Tax
660.10 General Definitions
660.15 Distributor Licenses
660.16 Retailer Licenses
660.18 Stamping Distributors; Purchasing Tax Stamps; Affixing Tax Stamps to Packages of Little Cigars
660.20 Returns
660.24 Books and Records – Retailers
660.25 Books and Records – Distributors
660.26 Invoices Relating to Packages of Little Cigars
660.27 Manufacturers – Sale of Little Cigars
660.28 Retailers – Purchase and Possession of Tobacco Products
660.29 Wholesalers – Possession of Little Cigars
660.30 Exempt Sales
660.35 Claims for Credit
660.40 Credit for Stamps that Are Damaged, Unused, Destroyed or Affixed to Packages of Little Cigars Returned to the Manufacturer
660.45 License Actions: Revocations, Cancellations and Suspensions
660.50 Interest and Procedures
660.55 Incorporation by Reference