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Part 511 - Electricity Excise Tax Law

Section Name
511 Table of Contents
511.100 Definitions
511.110 Imposition of Tax
511.120 Electronic Fund Transfer and Estimated Payments
511.130 Transfer of Credit Memoranda
511.140 Public Utility Retail Rate Credit
511.150 Exclusions from Tax
511.160 Net or Single Metering
511.200 Collection of Tax by Delivering Supplier
511.210 Delivering Supplier Registration
511.220 Revocation of Delivering Supplier Registration
511.230 Delivering Supplier Return
511.300 Self-Assessing Purchaser Election
511.310 Self-Assessing Purchaser Registration and Renewal, $200 Fee
511.320 Self-Assessing Purchaser Revocation
511.330 Self-Assessing Purchaser Return and Direct Payment