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About IDOR

About IDOR

What are my rights?

The Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights identifies your rights and our responsibilities to ensure that those rights are protected.

Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights

The full text of the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights is contained in the Illinois Compiled Statutes, 20 ILCS 2520/1 et seq.

For more information about these rights and other departmental procedures you may use this website or contact us at the address below.

PO BOX 19044
1 800 732-8866
217 782-3336
1 800 544-5304 (TDD-telecommunications device for the deaf)

Our responsibilities

We must give you correct and complete information to help you comply with tax laws in Illinois. Our forms and instructions explain the specific filing and payment requirements and methods, appeal processes, and limitation periods we both must follow, according to each tax act.

If we send you a bill or notice, we will tell you why you received it, what actions you may take to resolve the matter, any protest actions that may be available to you, and what number to call for assistance.

We must give you courteous and responsive answers if you contact us with questions about your account, need help meeting your tax obligations, or have questions about a particular tax matter.

All information you give us on your returns, in your correspondence, and during meetings with our auditors or representatives is kept confidential. However, we will follow the laws that require or allow us to share confidential information with other government agencies (e.g., the Internal Revenue Service and other state and local taxing authorities) to ensure that you have met your payment obligations. These agencies must agree to keep this information confidential.

Your responsibilities

The Illinois tax system is based, in large part, on your ability to calculate the amount of tax you owe and pay that amount when it is due. To help you meet this responsibility, we provide the most recent tax information on our returns and in our instructions, bulletins, booklets, and publications. It is your responsibility to obtain this information and use it concerning your registration, filing, and payment requirements.