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WebPay is an easy way to pay the amount you owe on your IL-1040, Individual Income Tax Return, your IL-1040-ES, Estimated Income Tax Payments for Individuals, or your IL-505-I, Automatic Extension Payment for Individuals. It is an electronic payment that is taken from your checking or savings account. Our free online program is designed to be an easy, convenient, and fast way for you to submit your payments and file your returns. You can schedule the dollar amount, debit date, and tax period for your payments. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will need

Warnings: Some credit unions do not allow electronic funds withdrawal from a savings account. Please check with your financial institution.

We do not support international ACH transactions. We will only debit your account if your financial institution is located within the United States. If your financial institution is located outside the United States, you must choose another payment option.

Click here to WebPay.