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License Fees

An operator’s license can be purchased for one year for $200. This license entitles an organization to hold one bingo session a week, with a maximum of 25 bingo games per session and a maximum of $2,250 in prizes or merchandise per session. A licensed organization may obtain permits to hold two special events per year of up to five days each. (In Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair counties, and the city of Redbud, the prize limit is $3,250.)

Organizations that would qualify for annual licenses but prefer not to conduct weekly bingo sessions may obtain a limited license at the cost of $50. This license entitles them to conduct a maximum of two bingo events during the year. Each event is limited to five consecutive days. No more than two limited licenses may be issued to any organization in any year.

Persons, firms, or organizations that rent or lease premises (e.g., rooms, halls, or buildings) for bingo games must purchase a provider’s license for $200 for one year or $600 for three years.

Persons, firms, or organizations that sell, lease, or otherwise distribute bingo supplies (e.g., cards or markers) must purchase a supplier’s license for $200 for one year or $600 for three years.