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You must first make an effort to find a solution to your issue in the Taxpayer Answer Center before being allowed to contact our taxpayer support representatives by email.  An email form linked to taxpayer support representatives that specialize in that category of issue will appear below each answer.

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Internet email replies from the Illinois Department of Revenue are not binding on the Department and create no rights under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Internet email replies to Internet questions are not private letter rulings or general information letters as those terms are defined at 2 Ill. Admin. Code 1200. Taxpayers desiring more detailed or binding responses to legal questions are encouraged to contact the Illinois Department of Revenue for a copy of 2 Ill. Admin. Code 1200 in order to obtain the rules for the issuance of private letter rulings and general information letters. WARNING: Any personal information provided by you by email in your response to our request for additional information, including but not limited to: names, addresses, social security numbers or employer identification numbers, is not secure and could be seen by other persons on the Internet. The Illinois Department of Revenue assumes no liability for lost, eavesdropped, or otherwise misused information provided in the email. Please refer to the Department's Privacy Policy for additional information. For additional security measures, you may provide the information we have requested in writing to the Department, by telephone at 1-800-732-8866 or 1-217-782-3336 or TDD 1-800-544-5304, or by visiting one of our offices. We have included the original information you have provided us in our response. If this information included personal information, you should be aware that Internet email is not always secure and could be seen by others. The Department will not be held liable for misuse of any information provided in the original email, including our response to you. This warning applies to all email inquiries only. It does not apply to returns that are transmitted to the Department electronically through our electronic programs.