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About IDOR

Statement of Purpose for Collection of Social Security Numbers

What does the Illinois Department of Revenue do with your Social Security Number?

The Identity Protection Act (5 ILCS 179/1 et seq.) requires each local and State government agency to draft, approve, and implement an Identity-Protection Policy that includes a statement of the purpose or purposes for which the agency is collecting and using an individual’s Social Security number (SSN). This statement of purpose is being provided to you because you have been asked by the Illinois Department of Revenue to provide your SSN or because you requested a copy of this statement.

Why do we collect your Social Security number?

You are being asked for your SSN because the Department of Revenue needs it to administer one or more of the following laws:

What do we do with your Social Security number?

Questions or Complaints about this Statement of Purpose

Write to:

Angela Eaton Hamilton
Office of Legal Services
Illinois Department of Revenue
101 West Jefferson Street, MC 5-500
Springfield, Illinois 62702