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About IDOR

Listing of Records Maintained

The following is a listing of records maintained by the Department of Revenue. Some of the records maintained by this office are considered to be of a confidential nature and therefore not available under the provisions of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

Charitable Gaming, Income Tax, Sales & Excise Taxes
Accounts receivable Correspondence
Application forms Error notices
Billings Internal discrepancy reports
Blank forms (i.e., returns, claims) Procedures
Bulletins to taxpayers Production reports
Charts Statistical reports
Completed forms (i.e., returns, claims) Tax distribution reports
Case files Legislative historical files
Correspondence files Management reports
Court case docket books and files Municipal/County ordinance files
Department rules historical files Subject files prior to Sunshine Act
Files containing names of non-for-profit organizations which have been rules taxable or exempt as purchasers Statistical reports
Index letter rulings books Wage garnishment files
Index of synopses of letter rulings issued by the Department's Legal Division  
Property Tax
Abstracts of assessments and property tax billings and collections Mailing list system (Township Clerks, County Board Chairmen, St. Clair County Board of Assessments, Cook County Assessor, State's Attorneys, County Recorders, County Board of Review Chairmen, County Sheriff's, Township Assessors, Township Supervisors, Railroads)
Annual overlap files for apportioning overlapping taxing districts Pollution Control certification and forms
Appraisal Manual and Update Property Tax Systems Book
Certification of capitol stock assessment records, publication of assessments, and any records pertaining to litigation available Railroad returns and assessment and financial information
Charts, graphs, reports, statistics on all property tax data available Records of private car line certification and publication of assessments
and any record pertaining to litigation available
CIAO Master file status report Reports to county treasurers of Personal Property Tax audit findings
Computer printouts showing tax rates, EAV, levies, and extensions for all taxing districts in the state *Revenue Act of 1939 and Related Legislation
Farmland files, maps, abstracts, reviews and manuals S/A Salaries
*Illinois Property Tax Manual ($5.00) Sales ratio statistical reports
*Illinois Real Property Appraisal Manual ($ 50.00) Study lists and material for potential and present assessment officials
*Illinois Tax Mapping Manual ($5.00) Tax returns for all certified control facilities and railroads operating in Illinois
Letters to Supervisors of Assessments informing them of our audit findings of non-homestead exemption audit Tentative and final multiplier files
Document Not Otherwise Classified
Annual Report Press Releases
Brochures Research Reports
Informational Bulletins for various taxes